The 3 Skinnies
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 2
Members Delicatlies
Votes Against 1
HoH Wins 5 (Week 6, Day 78, Weeks 9, 10 & 11)
Times Nominated 3 (Weeks 2, 8 & 11)
Veto Wins 6 (Weeks 2, 3, 6, 7 Day 78, & 10)
Lowest Placing Member Delicateiy (9/16)
Highest Placing Member Tealyaa (1/16)

The 3 Skinnies was an alliance in Big Brother 2 which consisted of Tealyaa, Delicatlies & Delicateiy. The alliance was formed during Weeks 3 & 4 where many of the houses targets were being taken out. The alliance was created by Delicatlies to dominate the game, and that's just what they did. After Teal won both HOH & POV, and got a threat in Genes out, the alliance encountered a fork in the road where Delicateiy had to quit the game due to personal reasons. Both Teal & Delicate didn't give-up however, as they both went on to win a number of HOHs & POVs to help keep each other in the game. Where all hope was lost in the final 6 where Delicate was nominated against Brandon, a ray of sunshine had shined upon them as Green walked from the game, cancelling the eviction. Teal's lying helped her the week prior which helped herseld & Delicate get Kayleigh out of the game. Both Teal & Delicate were set for final 4 where Delicate won HOH & Teal won POV with Snow placing 4th. Both of the alliance members that it would be an easy win against Potato and not each other, thus this is why Teal evicted Delicate in the final 3 over Potato. During the finale, Teal won the game over Potato by a vote of 6-3, due to her under-dog game over Potato's.


 Jury Member


  • This is the only alliance that features a winner, to not include the runner-up as well.

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